List of Feature for Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’

July 29, 2011 |  by  |  Windows, Windows Phone 7

List of Feature for Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’

For those of you who don’t gobble up every bit of Mango news, a quick recap of the bigger new stuff:

#1 Multitasking support: Quick app switching, with certain apps (music, GPS) allowed to run in the background
#2 Internet Explorer 9 with HTML 5 support
#3 Turn-by-turn, Voice Guided Navigation
#4 Social Networking:Integrated Twitter support, plus the addition of Facebook check-ins.
#5 Dynamic Live Tiles: Tiles for third-party apps on the homescreen can show live updated information
#6 Unified Threaded Messages: Support for text/facebook chat/Windows Live Messenger all pulled into one conversation window
#7 Unified Inbox: Shows all of your email inboxes in one view, with threaded e-mail support
#8 Custom Groups: You can bundle contacts into “group” tiles on the homescreen for quick access to just that group’s status updates, or to quickly text the entire group at once
#8 Voice-to-text text messaging
#9 Bing Stuff: Music Search (think Shazam), Vision (scan a book cover or barcode to search for that product)
#10 Ringtone support – third party ringtone support
#11 App list: automatically detect list, implemented jump list and search for apps
#12 Marketplace search improvements: apps, podcasts, music separated for easy search
#13 App install improvements: progress bar install UI
#14 Search extras: User search actions can be connected to third-party apps
#15 Motion Sensor: apps to use new gyroscope hardware
#16 File download service: third-party apps can download files from the web
#17 Alarms: alarm notifications for third-party apps
#18 Pin app features: Users can pin live tiles of deep app features in third-party apps

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