Katango organizes your Facebook friends in group to share privately

July 12, 2011 |  by  |  Apple, Apps, Downloads

Sharing on Facebook can get complicated if you only want to do so with college friends, colleagues or golf buddies. You have to manually sort potentially hundreds of people into separate groups. Based in San Francisco Katango (free, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) is a social organization service that simplifies your online social life by automatically organizing your online friends, family, and colleagues into the right groups that you want to communicate with.

Just like Google is encouraging users to manually sort their friends into “circles,” or groups that are more in keeping with how people maintain friendships offline. To start with users must connect the Katango app to their Facebook account which auto-magically sorts your friends and family into groups it is good for private messaging and photo sharing. Katango has unique, patent-pending algorithms that help anyone with a lot of online contacts automatically create meaningful groups that are personalized to each person who uses Katango. Katango groups are great for on-the-fly coordination of events, staying in touch with life-long friends and family members, chatting with friends who have similar interests, and everything in-between. Katango takes the friction out of online sharing and communications by minimizing all the group setup work.

Katango organizes your Facebook friends in group to share privately

Katango automatically and instantly does the work of creating groups so that you don’t have to sort through all your contacts, adding people one-by-one. You can share updates and photos privately with your Katango groups without worrying about unintended people seeing your messages. Comments and replies are kept private within each group. Katango lets you easily send free, unlimited text messages and status updates to your Katango groups without texting charges.

Katango is available on App Store.

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