The Republic of Facebook

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The Republic of Facebook

The Facebook Economy
There are 550,000+ apps that are used on Facebook. 70% of users engage with apps each month. There are 1 million app developers. Zynga, the top app developer, made $250 million in 2009. Of that amount, $80-$150 million is estimated to be profit, more net profit than Facebook itself made.

The most popular Facebook apps are:
1. Zynga
2. Rock You!
3. Electric Arts
4. CrowdStar
5. Playdom
6. Causes
7. Slide
8. 6 Waves
9. Topzy
10. iLike
11. MindJolt
12. RIM

Facebook Pages
There are 1,500,000 active Facebook pages. The average value per fan is $136.38. Extrapolating on that, many celebrity pages would be worth enormous sums:

Michael Jackson, with 13.3 million fans, would have a page worth $1.8 billion. Family Guy has 9.5 million fans for a worth of $1.3 billion. Lady Gaga and Barack Obama each have 9.1 million fans, worth $1.2 billion each. Vin Diesel has nine million fans, worth $1.1 billion. Starbucks has 8.2 million fans, worth $1.1 billion. South Park has 6.2 million fans for a worth of $845 million.

Popular Facebook pages include:
1. Barack Obama
2. Lady Gaga
3. Michael Jackson
4. Family Guy
5. Vin Diesel
6. Megan Fox
7. House
8. Twilight Saga
9. Starbucks

There are 500,000,000+ users of Facebook. Of those, 200 million users use it daily for an average of 55 minutes a day. If those users were all working for $5 an hour instead of going on Facebook, they would collectively earn $916,000,000 a day.

In Q1 2010, 176 billion display ads were posted on Facebook, 16 percent of the display ad market. Facebook says its advertisers have quadrupled since 2009.

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populous in the world after China and India. Today?s valuation of Facebook is $7.9-$11 billion.

via visualeconomics

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    All this cash to other people while Facebook iteself bleeds in the red financially

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