Nexus S contraptions game by Google play your way to Nexus S

July 4, 2011 |  by  |  Google, Mobiles, News, YouTube

Nexus S contraptions game by Google play your way to Nexus S

Google’s taken a decidedly whimsical approach to Nexus S marketing. An interactive, YouTube-hosted mini-game that lets you bounce and blow four Google app-labeled balls through a funnel to the Nexus S. There’s no free handset at the end of this Android rainbow just pure fun. The game has four main stages that each consist of several sub-stages. Each stage is represented by a different Nexus S Google App – Gmail, YouTube, etc. In addition to having different apps for every stage, there is a different color robotic arm for every main stage. Obstacles include blocks of wood and shelving so you’ll have to get creative in how you setup your contraption to get your balls into the funnel. The object of the game is to “build” a Nexus S by bouncing the different applications, which are represented by balls, into a red funnel. To do this, you will need to use contraptions such as rubber bands, fans, bombs, magnets, and more, hence the name Nexus S. But you gotta act quick because you are being timed!

Instruction - Hit the spacebar or click the “Release” button at the top of the screen

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