LetsLunch – connect you with people you should know.. over lunch!

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Founded by Syed Shuttari and Alain Raynaud LetsLunch, a new networking service in existence to introduce you to the money men, movers and shakers of Silicon Valley, all over a club sandwich, are accepting new members now. Thinking this sounds like just another online dating it’s actually way more scientific than that. LetsLunch employ all sorts of algorithmic gymnastics (factors like Twitter followers and LinkedIn profiles certainly play a role) to pair with like-minded entrepreneurs by matching passionate professionals.

We connect people you with the people you don’t know yet but should. Our value proposition is simple give us a lunch slot, we’ll setup meetings with great people. Our innovation is in the way we figure out people’s ranking

All you have to do is sign up with LetsLunch add your Twitter, LinkedIn, Hacker News and Stack Overflow accounts, list the days you’re free for lunch, and LetsLunch send an email letting you know who you’ll meet, five options of where to meet them and when. This is after it has given you reputation level from 1 to 10 which will be used to match the user with other would-be lunchers. Once the lunch is over, you’ll rate each other with a single number from 1 to 10 (yup share feedback on each other). LetsLunch will make sure that score is contextual and meaningful. The higher your reputation, the more prominent your lunching company will be entrepreneurs, angels and venture capitalists.

LetsLunch - connect you with people you should know.. over lunch!

LetsLunch.com will choose a restaurant location for you that is within acceptable distance for both you and the person we’ll have you meet. You can setup your “lunch radius” on a map to tell us how far you can go to meet interesting people.

Social climbing over the business lunch. Which might result into crucial industry partnerships, industry veterans, investors or funding deals.

P.S. – LetsLunch service is free but each user pays for his or her lunch

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