Hangover Heaven a hangover cure on wheels in Las Vegas

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Hangover Heaven is a hangover cure on wheels developed by Dr. Jason Burke are based on his own research and real-life experience in treating patients during and after surgery. Their bus continuously make loops up and down the Las Vegas. Most of the larger casinos have a “Tour Bus” pick up area, that’s where you’ll want to crawl and wait for them to pick you up.

After having an epic night, the human body breaks alcohol down into toxic compounds know as aldehydes. Hangovers occur when the body is overwhelmed with these compounds. Unfortunately, the human body does not get rid of these compounds very quickly. It can take anywhere from four to 48 hours, depending on how much alcohol was consumed.

Hangover Heaven therapies cure your hangover by treating both the side effects of aldehyde toxicity (headache, nausea, etc.) and accelerating the body’s natural process in purging remaining aldehydes. Their treatment will cure your hangover in less than 45 minutes. Hangover Heaven involves placing a small IV in your arm to give you the necessary treatment to continue the party or just get back to your normal self. They use tiny Pediatric IVs and a numbing medicine to make the process very comfortable. When your therapy is complete, the IV is removed, your condition assessed and you are on your way.

All interactions with Hangover Heaven staff are confidential and discreet. All medications and equipment are FDA Approved. For $150, they’ll have you back at the party or on your way to bed within the hour.

Hangover Heaven a hangover cure on wheels in Las Vegas

The bus is very stable and has an ultra-smooth ride. It has a front lounge, mid-section with bunks, and a rear lounge. There is also a bathroom and private interview room for people who have sensitive medical issues they wish to discuss.

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