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Daniel Gross is a 19 year old from Israel who developed the idea of Greplin which is a service that indexes your social stuff in the cloud, making all your Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, Evernote, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Apps, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Evernote, Yammer, Salesforce,, Basecamp, Google Voice, Google Reader, Google Contacts and just about everything else searchable. It is as good as your personal diary which acts as your personal search engine that allows you to search all your online data in one easy place.

Greplin Demo

Greplin works like desktop search but actually it indexes and makes online social networking accounts searchable what now is called as “personal cloud.” As it is cloud-hosted no software to install just a web site to log into from any computer or smartphone (uses https).

How to use Greplin
1. Sign up for Greplin.
2. Add as many indexes of your favorite websites as you like.
3. Lightning fast search of all your information in one place.

Greplin - find your stuff in the cloud

When you join Greplin you authorize it to index various social apps and services. Greplin updates your data approximately every 20 minutes, however, in high-load situations, updates can take up to a day. Search results are shown before you hit enter, much like Google’s instant search product, and you can also filter by a variety of message types and sources.

How Greplin works
When you authorize Greplin to access your account it uses Facebook Connect system and for other services, the open protocol “OAuth.” Selecting a service sends the browser to that service to authorize Greplin. Greplin’s search automatically performs left truncation wildcard searches, so starting with “lib” will match items with the words “library,” “liberty,” and “Libya,” but not “alibi” or “glib.” While it is not the way Google and other web-scale search engines generally work, it is very fast and the words are highlighted.

Greplin is based on open source search engine Lucene which can scale up to hundreds of millions of documents. Greplin’s implementation is in the Cloud, currently running on Amazon cloud services, the company can simply add more servers for more people, pointing each new group of users to a new server. Web and enterprise search engines can’t do this, because the relevance depends on the document frequency in the whole index: that’s where complex distribution and sharding architectures are required.

watch the video to know more how Greplin works

Greplin is a free tool for most of what it indexes, but you can upgrade to Premium ($49.99 a year) or the Premium Plus ($149.99 a year) accounts and you get more services indexed and the ability to store more data on Greplin about each.

Free Version: Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Google Docs & Calendar, Dropbox (including attached PDF files), and LinkedIn, with 200 MB of index storage (mailing list archives fill it up fast)
Premium: adds EverNote, Yammer, and Google Apps: Docs, Calendar, and Mail. $5 per month includes 500 MB; $15 per month includes 2 GB of storage.
Planned enhancements: Dropbox attachments, Salesforce,, Basecamp, and Google Voice.
Possible enhancements: Pinboard, Instapaper, Tumblr, Wikipedia, To-do list sites, etc.

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