Foodia – the Yelp for food products

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Foodia - the Yelp for food products

Started by Max Haines-Stiles(Founder & CEO) Foodia a San Francisco-based startup desire to help educate people about the health and sustainability benefits of good food. The Foodia database collects and organizes everything it knows about food. Gathering every bit of info from producers, manufacturers, third-party sources, as well as you. On top of that it aids this with nutritional and environmental impact data from several authoritative governmental and non-governmental sources. Based on this information Foodia computes health and sustainability scores, and provides background on what makes that particular product unique.

In a nutshell Foodia is building the Yelp for food products. Foodia helps you shop better. It helps you find good food, whether you’re looking for the tastiest, healthiest, or most sustainable eats.

Health score
Foodia’s health algorithm scores foods on a 0-100 scale by analyzing information generally available on nutrition labels. It takes into account nutrients that are beneficial for health (good), nutrients that are detrimental (bad), as well as the food’s energy density. It averages scores for the good, bad, and energy density content of foods and subtracts the bad.
Good nutrients: Fiber, Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron
Bad nutrients: Saturated Fat, Trans Fat, Sugar, Cholesterol, Sodium
Energy density: Calories per gram
It also obtain nutrition information for individual foods from their manufacturers and/or the USDA’s nutrition facts database. The nutrient levels for scoring were determined by using Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) developed by the Institute of Medicine and the most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Environmental Scores
Environmental score ranks foods into four different sustainability categories, ranging from most to least sustainable. It estimates the distance between where foods are grown and/or processed and the type of transportation used to move that food (and its ingredients) around.

“As consumers we’re faced with 250 food decisions everyday, and we put a lot of conscious and subconscious mental energy towards figuring out what we’re going to eat—usually that means finding foods that are tasty, or sustainable, or healthful. But we haven’t had that easy-to-use tool which organizes it all and puts it in one place,” notes Founder and CEO, Max Haines-Stiles.
“Foodia will fill that gap, providing simple, easy to digest food information to save you both time and mental energy as you try to figure out what to buy and eat.”

How does Foodia Work
Each food has a page. Each page has basic product info, health and sustainability information, and ratings or reviews from the community. Each community member can rate, review, or edit products as necessary. Indeed, although most of the content has been seeded by Foodia, nearly all of it is user-editable.

Lets state this with an example say you want to bring home some cheese will you prefer goat, dutch, wisconson or smoked? any specific brand? which one of them is healthiest for you? That’s when you turn to Foodia. Foodia will present you with a list of that type of cheese to check out. You can then click through the list reading their profiles. You’ll get a health score that is divined by a custom-built algorithm, eco hightlights and reviews from other Foodia users.

If you love food and love telling people about the foods you like. Try Foodia.

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