Connected – Get all your contacts and conversations in one place

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Most of us still manually manage our disparate contact databases and address books, which is almost always a messy process. Founded by Sachin Rekhi, Connected which might help you to get all your contacts and conversations in one place. This web based app and mobile-friendly app hooks into nearly every social network, contact database and calendar repository on the web to automatically build out a comprehensive contact and company database, free of duplicate entries.

Stay Organized add notes, tags, and how you met to your most important contacts. Find the Right Person search companies, titles, and locations to find exactly who you are looking for. Keep In Touch set custom reminders on how often you’d like to say hello. Connect with contacts find and connect with your contacts across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Say congratulations always be the first to congratulate a colleague on their birthday or a new job. Prepare for your day start your morning with a personalized agenda email with today’s happenings.

Connected - Get all your contacts and conversations in one place

Connected eliminates the manual contact entry that other services mandate and to help you better mange your professional network without the management.

Connected Features –
#1 Universal Address Book
Connected brings all your contacts together and keeps them up to date so you don’t have to.

#2 All contacts in one place
Connected brings your contacts and conversations together from across your email, social networks, calendar, and phone. Connected currently integrates with:

#1 Gmail
#2 Facebook
#3 Twitter
#4 LinkedIn
#5 Outlook Contacts
#6 Mac Address Book
#7 Google Contacts
#8 Google Calendar
#9 Google Voice
#10 Evernote

#3 Automatic contact merging
Duplicates are automatically merged to give you a clean view into each contact. No longer waste endless time manually merging contacts

#4 Realtime updates of all your contacts
Connected keeps your address book up to date by checking for new contacts every day. You are guaranteed to always have a fresh address book.

#5 Comprehensive Profiles
Get completely autogenerated profiles for every contact you’ve ever communicated or connected with. No more data entry to keep your address book updated. Annotate profiles with notes, tags, stars, and more. And easily modify existing profile data.

#6 Daily Agenda
Prepare for your day with a view into your meetings, attendees, and everything you want to know about them to make a good impression.

#7 Connected notifies you about the following events Birthdays, Job Changes and Local Events.

About Connected pricing you get unrestricted access to the full product for 14 days. After this period you’ll receive an email notifying you that your free trial has ended and you’ll be provided with a link to begin your paid subscription ($9.99/month).

Connected – Contact management, without the work.

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  1. You can also use Zimbra Desktop. It has a feature that connects it to your LinkedIn account, and it automatically syncs with Gmail contacts. You can read more below including a link to get it for the Mac.


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