Plan B app allows users to find lost phone after the phone is stolen or lost

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There are few ways to find your lost or stolen phone, but they all require that you set up the system beforehand. But if you ever lose your phone and don't have a contingency plan in place, you can remotely install Plan B (free, Android 2.0+) on your phone and locate it instantly. If you never installed a security app to begin with, it's a good second plan of attack in finding your phone. Lookout's Plan B is the app you turn to for stolen phones that don't have tracking software or remote location capability. Simply put, it lets

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Next Three BlackBerries: The Torch 9810, Bold 9900, and Torch 9680 – Quick specs

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Bold 9900 #1 Support for AT&T’s HSPA+ (technically not 4G, but they call it that anyway) network #2 1.2 Ghz CPU #3 BlackBerry OS 7.0 #4 Optical Trackpad #5 Classic candybar-style Bold design #6 2.8? 640×480 display #7 8GB of internal storage #8 NFC #9 802.11b/g/n #10 5.0 megapixel rear camera The Torch 9810 (say Torch 2) #1 Runs BlackBerry OS 7.0 #2 HSPA+ Support #3 Slide out QWERTY keyboard #4 1.2Ghz CPU #5 802.11b/g/n #6 5 megapixel rear camera #7 8 gigabytes of internal storage Torch 9680 #1 BB OS 7.0 #2 1.2 Ghz CPU #3 3.7? 800×480 display

RemoteRinger an android app to find your cellphone if it is in silent mode

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Phone is in silent mode and you missed it somewhere nearby, you cannot find it by ringing it, as it is in silent mode An android app which adds a layer of safety for folks who often misplace their Android cellphone while it’s in silent mode -RemoteRinger. You assign a special code to the phone as well as a designated caller number. You can then send an SMS from the designated phone number. Bang: your ringer is back on. Remote Ringer helps you to change your phone mode from silent to normal. Once your phone is in normal mode, you can

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Toshiba-Fujitsu IS12T is world’s first Windows Mango cellphone

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Toshiba-Fujitsu IS12T is the world’s first world’s first phone running Windows Phone 7.5 (aka Mango). Specs announced by the provider of the IS12T in Japan, local mobile carrier KDDI: #1 3.7-inch display has 800×480 resolution #2 13.2MP camera has CMOS sensor, is powered by Milbeaut Mobile engine, and takes video with 1,280×720 resolution #3 water- and shock-proof body #4 microUSB port #5 32GB internal memory (no extra card slot) #6 IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi (no tethering) #7 Bluetooth 2.1+EDR #8 DLNA support #9 Zune-branded multi-media function #10 Internet Explorer 9 as browser #11 Xbox LIVE connectivity #12 Windows Live SkyDrive access #13 battery life in standby: 280 hours, continuous talk time: 400 minutes #14 size:

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Trapster free app to alert as you approach speed traps, red light, speed cameras, accidents and roadway hazards

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Trapster (android, blackberry, GPS, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) is a free app that alerts you as you approach speed traps, red light / speed cameras, accidents, and other roadway hazards. It boasts of world's most complete and up to date speed trap & enforcement camera database, with over 4.5 million traps reported. Rate traps submitted by other users the system learns credibility of users over time based on how many users agree with the traps they report. The speedometer will change color if your speed is higher than the posted speed limit. Trapster Widget display the widget on your

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Trimit – automatic text summarizer which crams large text easily for tweets, Facebook status, text messages, emails

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Trimit (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, $0.99) is a bookmarklet and an app that allows you to evaluate the relevance of a webpage by providing an accurate and succinct summary of its content. It allows you to take large bits of text that you write or import from a link and shrink them down to fit into a social network update. Trimit; concise web browsing Text can be summarized with a simple shake gesture, and edited into a length suitable for tweets, Facebook status, text messages, emails and more. Text can be directly imported from any URL right from within the app

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How iPhones move across – Video

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Michael Krell of Crowdflow takes the location data from 880 iPhones for the month of April 2011 and creates a time-lapse video that shows how iPhone users flow across Europe. It is pretty hypnotic. There are three videos; be sure to watch them in full-screen mode to enjoy the full impact. The following video show the movement of 880 iPhones in Europe in April 2011. iPhone fireflies 1 iPhone fireflies 2 iPhone fireflies 3

SMSBackup – android app which save your text message to Gmail

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Do you use a cellphone which has limited capacity for storing messages/SMS or you want to back up all your messages. SMSBackup (free, android) an app which copies all your SMS messages from the cellphone to your Gmail account with mere a click. On top of it, it can save both your incoming and outgoing messages. Though you need to have IMAP enabled in your Gmail preferences, follow these steps to back up your text messages - #1 Gmail Settings #2 Forwarding and POP/IMAP #3 Enable IMAP. #4 Launch the SMSbackup #5 Enter Google account credentials (password will be stored unencrypted on your device) #6 SMS Backup

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LG Optimus Black P970 Launched In India At Rs 19,990

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LG has launched another Android offering in India market with Optimus Black P970, which should be one of the best smartphones available in market right now at a price tag of Rs 19,990. Main Specifications And Features : Android 2.2 Froyo OS(Gingerbread update should be available soon) 5 megapixel Camera with 720p HD video recording 1 GHz Processor With Dedicated GPU 2 MP Secondary Camera For Video Calls 4 Inch NOVA IPS Display You can Buy LG Optimus Black P970 (Black) from Using This Link

Nexus S contraptions game by Google play your way to Nexus S

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Google's taken a decidedly whimsical approach to Nexus S marketing. An interactive, YouTube-hosted mini-game that lets you bounce and blow four Google app-labeled balls through a funnel to the Nexus S. There's no free handset at the end of this Android rainbow just pure fun. The game has four main stages that each consist of several sub-stages. Each stage is represented by a different Nexus S Google App – Gmail, YouTube, etc. In addition to having different apps for every stage, there is a different color robotic arm for every main stage. Obstacles include blocks of wood and shelving so

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