Can web browsing translate into employee happiness and productivity – Infographic

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Face it: Employees are going on social networks and browsing the web in the office. In an age when social tools pervade every aspect of our lives, the corporate debate over allowing employees to partake in these activities during work hours is a controversial one. In moderation, can these breaks encourage psychological engagement and perhaps even help increase productivity. This Keas infographic explores the benefits of social media in the workplace, showing that social connections make people happier and a brief recess involving Internet-browsing increases productivity. Let’s take a look at the stats:

Can web browsing translate into employee happiness and productivity - Infographic

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  1. I agree a social media break can be beneficial it really depends on how they spend the time while online.

    If the individual tends to be a complainer and goes to a site (or a friends’ page) that is focused on ‘what is wrong’ the break will not help them feel better. If they post about their own worries it will also not be productive as that tends to get them more specifically focused on troubles.

    This might make coming back to work feel like relief but overall it increases their focus on ‘what is wrong’, a mental attitude they would bring back to work with them.

    If the individual goes to uplifting sites or posts uplifting things themselves they are likely to return in a better mindset than they left and such acts could actually increase their feelings of well-being.

    A longer term and surer solution with many benefits is to teach employees happiness enhancing skills.

    Increased happiness improves intelligence, health, relationships, success, productivity, engagement and much more.

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