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HP Refutes Inaccurate Claims; Clarifies on Printer Security

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A group of students at Columbia University recently showed how they could hack, with relative ease, an HP LaserJet printer and convince it to overheat. HP quickly put out a statement, saying the fiery hack couldn’t happen in real life. AS we reported earlier, the hack works like this: HP printers always scan a print job for a firmware upgrade. If an upgrade is included, it will automatically be applied — without checking what it actually is. Whether it’s an HP-certified piece of software or something more malicious, the printer integrates the update. Today there has been sensational and inaccurate reporting regarding

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Social media revolution china’s answer to social networking – Infographic

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How do Chinese connect online? On their own series of social networks, mimicking several blocked foreign counterparts. Renren and Kaixin001 fill Facebook’s void. Sina Weibo is the microblog of choice in Twitter’s absence. Youku is a video hosting platform, which only loosely enforces copyright laws; think of it as a YouTube-meets-Hulu, because many popular TV shows and movies are posted freely. Jiepang is the most popular location-based mobile app, with Foursquare-style checkins. This infographic, created by G+ (not to be confused with Google+), takes a look at China’s answer to social networking. Of the country’s half billion Internet users, half of

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Your new Facebook status can be of 63,206 characters

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Twitter, as everyone and their tweeting dog knows, limits your status updates to 140 characters. But Facebook? In September, Facebook increased the character limit on status updates to 5,000 characters. Today, Facebook announced that you can now write posts with more than 60,000 characters. In a blog post, Facebook’s Journalist Program Manager Vadim Lavrusik announced that the limit of Facebook status updates has now been upped to “more than 60,000 characters.” Lavrusik explained what that meant, exactly: You can now post a status update measuring 63,206 characters.

Now use Siri to take control of your TV

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Siri hasn't been caught cooking dinner yet, but hackers worldwide have boldly taken Apple's personal assistant to a whole new level by incorporating its functionality with a plethora of different devices. But this assistant's evolution towards greater heights isn't over yet. Vimeo user toddtreece has whipped up a slick demo of the iPhone 4S' right hand gal (or guy) taking command of his television set. From changing channels to turning off devices, with the help of a proxy and a few parts, you can get your own home setup running on voice activation. Siri Universal Remote Siri Proxy is a proxy server

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