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Norwegian bookseller sells e-books on memory cards

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In Norway one bookstore is looking to drastically revamp the e-book medium. Norwegian retailer Norli Libris announced that it would begin selling books on small plastic memory cards that can be inserted into the backs of e-readers. Each card, known as the Digi Short, would contain a single file, allowing users to devour one publication at a time on their customized, Android 2.1-laced Kibano Digi Readers. Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of an e-reader? It certainly seems like it, though Norli Libris' Caroline Heitmann says the idea is to simply convert e-books into physical commodities. Because of this,

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Meet the new world’s fastest micromouse robot – Video

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Ng Beng Kiat is literally The Wizard when it comes to micromouse robotics. At 2011 All Japan Micromouse Robot Competition in Tsukuba, Japan he proved, once again, that he's the man to beat. His full size micro mouse robot entry, named Min7.1 (pictured above) blazed through the maze course in 3.921 seconds, which must be a new record. Breaking the 4 second barrier, something no one would have believed possible a few years ago. It's tantamount to Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile barrier. He also captured second place in the Half Size Micromouse Robot event with his Ning5

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Identified provides real-time, interactive feedback how companies evaluate your professional info

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People naturally want to know what companies think about them and how they compare to other professionals in the job market. The problem is because most resume databases and job sites don’t provide any feedback or responses. Identified, an online professional marketplace, fixes that problem by providing a link between professionals and companies and letting people know how “in demand” they are in the current job market. As companies search for professionals on Identified, the staff analyzes the search results from more than 60,000 of these companies to find out important data – which professionals are they searching for? From which

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Viral Video – Why This Kolaveri Di Full Song in HD

November 21, 2011 |  by  |  Cool Stuff  |  2 Comments

Check out this exclusive video shot during the recording of the song with the music composer Anirudh,Dhanush,Shruti Hassan, Aishwarya and Sound Engineer Sivakumar

German shoemaker Adidas to launch $1 shoe in India

November 20, 2011 |  by  |  India  |  No Comments

Adidas, the German sportswear and equipment maker, is to launch a shoe costing $1 a pair in India, boss Herbert Hainer said, despite the failure of a similar venture in Bangladesh. He told the Sunday newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag that unlike in Bangladesh mass production would be possible to supply the growing Indian market. However he gave no indication of when or where it would be launched. "The shoe will be sold in villages through a distribution network," Hainer said, adding, "We want the product to be self-funding." "We sold 5,000 pairs during a test phase but we made only losses,"

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Lil crabe – sail – break ton neck – Viral video of the day

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Wolfram Alpha search engine now identify plane and tracks flight paths

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Every time you see a plane go by, ever wondered what type of aircraft it is, where it’s coming from, where it’s going, what airline it belongs to and how high it’s flying at the moment. Now, Wolfram Alpha can satisfy my curiosity in real time, letting me look it up on the Wolfram Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine. The search engine, which recently began incorporating data from the FAA can now, with a five-minute delay from real-time data, use a flight's speed, heading and altitude to offer a projection of a plane's position. A search for 'flights overhead' via the Wolfram

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Proliphiq filters social media clutter and focuses on what’s important to you

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Proliphiq is social media search tool that lets people see who is credible in the areas that interest them. Proliphiq is a social media discovery tool that helps you find the most credible contributors within the topics that interest you. The search tool filters social media clutter by aggregating profiles that are most relevant to your search topics and finding the best contributors based on personality, level of engagement and credibility. To begin, users have to log in either using Facebook or Twitter accounts on Proliphiq’s website. They search for topics that interest them, and Proliphiq will provide a visual, intuitive

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Personal is your secure data vault for your private digital information

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Personal is a data vault which helps you organize your life's details and makes you the gatekeeper of who gets access to your information and what they can see. It wants to be the private data vault for everything in your life, from your insurance to your dining preferences. There are plenty of websites and social networks for sharing information publicly. We post a constant stream of information via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google and YouTube daily. But these social sites are not suited for the storage and transmission of private information. Personal is a free web and mobile service (will

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iPhone 4S Price in India

November 18, 2011 |  by  |  Cool Stuff  |  No Comments

iPhone 4S coming is to India, which is really a great news for all fans waiting for this device. Airtel and Aircel is planning to bring the device to India and launch it on 25th November as reported earlier. The iPhone 4S is available in both white and black and the prices are as follows; -iPhone 4S 16GB version- 44500 INR - iPhone 4S 32GB version- 50900 INR There are also reports that the iPhone 4 refurbished version would be released in India for 22000 (approx). Preorder here.

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