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The science of social timing – Infographic

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When’s the best time to Tweet? How often to post to Facebook? to have the most effective amount of communication with your potential customers? This infographic tells you from KISSMetric. #1 5pm, Eastern time, on a Wednesday will be the most effective time to Tweet. #2 For Facebook share, aim for around midday on Saturday. via

Bill Gates How a Geek changed the world – Video

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Check out the documentary which not only covers the success of the Microsoft but also web browser wars and how it affected the company. Just before he stepped down from Microsoft, BBC2’s “The Money Programme” put together a special on Bill Gates and how he made the company into a money making machine.

Simple way to add shortcuts to the taskbar in Windows 7 – Video

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Here is a way to pin any file you want to the task bar. Simple way to add shortcuts to the taskbar in Windows 7

The death of printed coupons – Infographic

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In 2011, 53% of redemptions are still done with paper coupons, but Internet-based redemptions are creeping up. By 2014 or so, most Internet couponing will be the norm, according to research from Promotional Codes, which created this infographic.

URLDroplet downloads from any web address to your Dropbox

June 23, 2011 |  by  |  Apps, Sites, Tips n Tweaks  |  No Comments

URL Droplet is a simple webapp that allows you to paste in the download link for a file and have it download straight to your Dropbox, so you can deal with later. You could start a large download while out on your mobile phone, on a company computer at work, or just sitting at an internet cafe. The downloaded file is saved in the main Dropbox directory—if it were saved to public, anybody could see what you've been getting. Because of this, URL Droplet needs access to Dropbox, so you should be comfortable granting permissions to third-party apps. via

Freelance at a glance – Infographic

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Socialcast brings us an Infographic that details different statistics on the fastest growing face of the global workforce: freelancers. Here are a couple of interesting stats: #1 43.8% of all freelancers get the bulk of their training by teaching themselves. #2 South A merican freelancers work the most with an average of 49 hours/week. #3 The average age of a freelancer is 32 years old. #4 The easiest way to get a freelancing job is by referrals at 34.2% #5 The top reason for freelancing is the flexibility, followed by having creative control over projects. #6 40% of freelancers report having trouble getting paid wages they’re owed. #7

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How much is your user generated content worth – Infographic

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MyCube, which is set to launch a UGC-focused social network in the coming months, has pulled together this infographic that collates how much is your user generated content worth.

Make web pages more informative with rich annotations using iGlue

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iGlue is a semantic search tool that runs inside your browser and allows you to display structured information about any person, place or institution mentioned in any web page. Add a semantic layer over existing web pages by attaching images, videos, links, iGlue entities and comments to text fragments. View annotations added by other users in real time. iGlue has the following features: #1 collaboratively developed database to manage semantic content #2 integrated content management #3 language-independent, entity-based search #4 hyperdata – context-sensitive, smart data #5 recognition and annotation of streaming texts in natural languages #6 management of complex relational structures iGlue adds rich background information to any

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Copy, edit and share pages that you like using BO.LT

June 23, 2011 |  by  |  News, Sites  |  No Comments

BO.LT is a page sharing service that lets anyone grab virtually any page on the web and tweak it to make it more relevant to their audience. Use it to create readable, personalized URLs for the links you traffic on Twitter, Facebook, email, display ads, search ads, and anywhere else you use pages to get attention and motivate your audience. A hugely powerful copy/edit/share application for webpages named BO.LT. The idea is that you can BO.LT any page, customize the elements of it and then share it with others to get their feedback and thoughts. While that goal hasn’t changed,

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