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Life of Facebook photo – Infographic

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The online photo chaos continues to grow with the number of Facebook photo uploads increasing every day. Well over six billion photos are uploaded to Facebook every month, and with more camera enabled smartphones out there, you can only imagine where we’re headed. Have you ever wondered how those photos made it on to Facebook, though? Take a look at the life of a Facebook photo below. Thanks Pixable

A trip through Twitter’s Lazyweb – Infographic

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The term Lazyweb has been used to describe the act of outsourcing questions to people online, particularly when the people asking are admittedly too lazy to research themselves. With Twitter people around the world are asking #lazyweb what they dont want to Google. Check out this #lazyweb-themed infographic from Q&A app InboxQ.

Exclusive iPhone 5 video is revealed – Video

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Exclusive video of the new Apple iPhone 5, due to be released later in 2011. Showing you some of the hidden features and new design direction that you may not be familiar with. Top Fruit features a giant iPhone made out of fruits and veggies. Talk about foodspotting.

How much data will humans create and store this year? Infographic

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If you’ve spent any amount time watching your Facebook or Twitter feed stream by, it should be obvious that the world is creating a lot of data. But because all that data is really just a collection of ones and zeros it can be hard to actually visualize how much is really there. Sure, we can put a number on it, like 1.8 zettabytes being created and replicated (as in copied to DVDs and shared in the cloud) this year alone — a number that doubles every two years, according to a recent study by IDC and EMC. But how much

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This history of advertising on Facebook – Infographic

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As Facebook has grown from a collegiate social network to a site that gets action from 7.3% of the world’s population, it has also evolved into a marketing tool. One report estimated that advertisers will spend $4 billion on Facebook advertising this year. Facebook didn’t come out of the gate as a marketing-friendly product in 2004, and it has conducted a fair share of failed experiments in its efforts to become one. We’ve chronicled its evolution in the infographic below. Thanks Mashable

WhatDoYouLove – Google’s new portal with all its services

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TechCrunch has uncovered a new service from Google, which is nothing but a mashup of different Google products. (WhatDoYouLove) whose purpose is to gather all the company's multilateral web services under one umbrella. In other words a Google search for Google products. You pop in a term for what do you love, and it pops up with results from what appears to be every single Google product, from Google Maps to Google Products to Google SketchUp.Type in any word brings up its popularity in Google Trends, lets you set up Google Alerts, plan related events in Google Calendar,

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Memory Restart tracks Firefox’s memory usage when it gets too high

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If you open lot of tabs or leave tabs open for a long time in your Firefox can terribly slow down, and top of it you don't have a lot of RAM it makes matter worse. Memory Restart a Firefox add-on tackles Firefox's well-known memory leak problem by telling you when they get out of control, and restarting Firefox automatically when they do. Memory Restart display's Firefox's memory usage in the add-on bar, and gives you the option to automatically restart Firefox when that usage gets past your comfortable level. You can also restart it manually with the click of

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Social Memories – Create your own Facebook book

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Social Memories is a Facebook application that shows you completely new insights into your Facebook activities. Use Social Memories application to save your Facebook activity, summarized beautifully in one book to look at whenever you want. Your social activity on Facebook, analyzed and commemorated in twenty eight elegant pages. - Elegantly designed to present your memories with clarity - Infographics that show your social highlights and trends - Customizable colour scheme - 28 pages of luxurious gloss stock professionally bound It includes Profile pictures, Photos ,Status updates, Tagging, Events etc. This Facebook book would cost you $32 approx along with international shipping, but you

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ShowMeWhatsWrong – troubleshoot anyone’s computer problem remotely

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Troubleshooting your friend’s computer over the internet can be a hassle since you cannot see what really is going on with their PC. Fortunately, ShowMeWhatsWrong (free, web) is an online screen recording tool that lets you create a URL where your friend can record a screencast and then email the video to you to find out what is going on with their computer. It even records audio from a microphone so your friend can detail the recording. The creators of ShowMeWhatsWrong are the same guys who made Sreencast-O-Matic. It is a very handy tool to troubleshoot computer problems. Users can

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