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Play retro Nintendo games in your browser

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Over at Nintendo8 there are hundreds of classic 8-bit Nintendo games available for web-based play. You simply load them up, use your keyboard as a controller and start enjoying. Number of options to choose from action, adventure, arcade, flight, japanese, platform, puzzle, racing, rpg, shootem up, sports, strategy, all, toplist. Also visit its sister sites Snessy (for SNES games), c64i (for Commodore 64 games), DOSDose x(for DOS games), MasterSystem8 (for SEGA games) and GBemul (for Gamebody games).

TigerText allows users to send destructible text messages

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TigerText (free, Blacberry, Windows, Android, Mac) which was launched in Feb 2010, allows users to send destructible text messages i.e. messages which get automatically deleted from both the sender and the receiver’s phone after a certain period of time. Further, these messages aren’t stored on any server and hence can’t be retrieved once the message expires. TigerText puts the control back in texting. You can text free with anyone’s smartphone and know when your message has been delivered, read, control when it gets deleted from their phone and yours. TigerText features 1. TigerText shows the status of each message with small icons. When

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Doxo makes your iPhone a digital file cabinet

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Seattle-based Doxo (free, iPhone, web based, android on the way) founded by Steve Shivers, Mark Goris, Roger Parks service aims to be your ‘digital file cabinet’ for your household bills and important documents. Securely store your important documents in your digital file cabinet. Access them anywhere banish paper clutter. sign up to get bills from participating companies sent paper-free to your Doxo locker. The company has partnerships with national and regional service providers, who promote doxo as a new paperless option for their customers. doxo investors include top-tier venture partners Mohr Davidow Ventures and Bezos Expeditions. The company is led

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Samsung to become the world’s largest smartphone maker this quarter

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According to research by Nomura, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will become the world's largest smartphone maker this quarter, overtaking struggling Nokia Oyj which has lead the market since 1996. Adding on to it it envisages Apple Inc overtaking Nokia, pushing the Finnish company to No. 3 in the rankings. "Nokia looks set to relinquish its smartphone crown to Samsung and Apple," Nomura analysts said in a research note. "Further emphasizing the shift in power to Asia is our forecast for HTC to almost match Nokia during 2012." Nokia still makes more cellphones than Samsung due to its strong position in basic cellphones

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Rimino concept phone based on observational and experimental design research methods

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Rimino, a project by Amid Moradganjeh from the Umeå Institute of Design at Umeå University in Sweden, is a look at what mobile phones might become in the future. Project Rimino redefines mobile experience through human factors research and design thinking. Informed by human experience, the project is guided by both observational and experimental design research methods. The Rimino concept is an E-paper mobile device with a user interface inspired by print posters. Historically, as technology has progressed, devices have become more conspicuous. Rimino challenges this trend and presents the alternative: technology that is more integrated and more sensitive to the

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12 must have plugins for your WordPress blog – Infographic

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WordPress is one of the most easy-to-use and versatile content management systems in the world. No wonder its popularity has been increasing day by day amongst bloggers. To enhance the functionality of your WordPress experience, the platform offers some excellent plugins for almost anything. via

How to download Facebook albums in one click

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fbDownloader an easy, free tool to downloading Facebook albums in one shot. Just log on to fbDownloader using your Facebook credentials to grant permission for the app to share photos. 1. Go to 2. Click on the install button 3. It will download installQ and then begin downloading fbDownloader and installing it 4. Once done, open fbDownloader(require Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework installed) 5. Now login to your Facebook profile and allow access to the application. fbDownloader Features 1. Instantly backup all of your Facebook photos and albums. 2. Download facebook tagged photos. 3. Download facebook friends' photos. 5. No Virus, No Spyware, No Adware. (uses installQ, a

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Canary in your inbox keeps your email safe

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A simple, clever tip from John Graham-Cumming to keep your inbox safe. John has planted a ‘Canary’ in his inbox :). It is activated and gives you information when somebody is peeking at your inbox. How it works John leaves a starred email showing in his Gmail account’s Priority Inbox. Purporting to be from ‘Barclays Private Banking’, it should be enough to tempt an intruder to open it. In reality, John sent this to himself from a dummy email account. Idea behind is to leave a tempting looking email that's sitting in inbox which is entirely fake and designed to tempt an

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Senexx – internal question and answers platform that read your email to help you solve problems

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Senexx founded in March 2011 by Zeevi and Vova. It was started after working in an organization with 20,000 multi-disciplinary professionals distributed all around Israel. While working you face several problems regularly Senexx acts as a internal Question and Answers platform that helps corporate identify and manage expertise within their organization, using a patent pending technology. By integrating with every social system that your company uses, Senexx can sniff out huge amounts of data that will help it to build a Q&A platform specifically tailored to your business. In short, it crawls around inside your Exchange, Yammer, Sharepoint

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Read WSJ a Chrome extension to read all the Wall Street Journal articles for free

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Wall Street Journal one of the most credible source of information but it gets frustrating when you want to read a story on website but the article is inaccessible. Wall Street Journal puts a large percentage of its news behind a paywall, requiring readers to sign up to read reports in full. Luckily, there is an easy, fully legal, way to access these articles and all it requires is Google’s Chrome browser and a lightweight extension. The extension allows you to read all the Wall Street Journal articles, directly from WSJ website, even those that are behind the paywall. It is

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