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Use RemindThis and never forget a Website

April 21, 2011 |  by  |  Sites, Tips n Tweaks  |  No Comments

RemindThis is a widget that helps people get email reminders about the websites worth visiting again. RemindThis can be implemented in any website within minutes. After a quick sign-up you get an activation code and you can create the reminding button in mere seconds. The code supplied will be needed to be coded inside the website. Copy the embed code that’s available upon registration and paste it in the pages they want in their website. RemindThis does all the heavy lifting by itself. No coding knowledge necessary. Button location – inside the page, floating on the right, floating on the

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Hapitca Braille watch for the blind

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The Hapitca Braille watch for the blind project raising funds through Kickstarter. The watch allows blind to tell the time quickly and easily without the need to feel for hands on a clock face or to set off a noisy audio alert that disturbs others. It’s simply four braille characters that change to display the current time. The project is currently a little over a third of the way to raising the $150,000 it needs to mass produce the product, with $93,700 still to raise.

How to give your Resume a professional look? Try Resunate

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Creating a perfect resume for your perfect job(presumably) highlighting all the achievements and qualifications can be tedious job. It's all the more difficult because employers who read a lot of resumes everyday, your resume will be the one who will win the fort for you based on your resume you will be shortlisted and then be called over for hiring process. Introducing Resunate an app on web that will get your job done and you will be able to attract the attention of recruiters. Features 1. Manage Unlimited Resumes 2. You can download your resume in cross-platform PDF format from any Internet-accessible

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How green is iPhone? Infographic

April 21, 2011 |  by  |  Apple, Cool Stuff, Mobiles  |  No Comments

Based on the study done by Geekaphone on iPhone Apple pulls in close to 50% of total global cellphone profits by selling only 4% of all cellphones, with that kind of profit and over 100 million iPhones sold Apple is a legitimate gorilla. Check out the infographic below - Emissions produced by iPhone 4, CO2 released in purchasing iPhone, recycling iPhone pretty good stuff. Thanks Geekaphone

CloudMagic – searches Gmail, Google apps email docs at lightning Speed

April 20, 2011 |  by  |  Apps, Downloads, Softwares, Video  |  No Comments

CloudMagic a browser plugin is more than a Gmail search tool which provides instant & integrated search for your online data. CloudMagic 2.0 boasts of UI enhancements to make search better & faster. Like tabbed interface for emails, docs & contacts search results and full screen mode for integrated search in emails, docs & contacts, rich preview of the content inside search results. With CloudMagic 2.0 you can refer to other emails & docs while composing a message without opening different tab or window. Similarly you can refer to any docs or emails while working on docs. Features Super Fast Instant Search

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How to find the perfect domain name? Try Panabee

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While most domain search engines focus on availability, Panabee focus on brainstorming. Since it can't magically produce names, instead it acts as an uber-brainstorming partner. Many tedious tasks are automated: finding related terms, performing translations, exploring variations, and searching Google. It even quasi-simulate word association by displaying related comments from Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully some of this stirs your inner creativity. "Just when you have the perfect name, the one that makes your face smile and heart sing, you check availability and see some guy parked the domain three years ago. With no intent to sell because he's too busy buying

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Trove – personalized social news site, launched by The Washington Post

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Developed by WaPo Labs Trove is a personalized news and information engine. Whose goal is to aggregate the Web's most interesting stories from a wide swath of sources, then give you the power to customize what you want to see and how. Trove learns from you: what you click on, what you share, what topics you care about, what sources you value. This makes Trove different for each person it surfaces what's important to you, now. Trove's editors look out for the most interesting stories across 10,000-plus sources to keep you up to speed on what the world's talking about. Trove

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How Fukushima’s radioactive cloud influenced social networks

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Check out this cool infographic from that highlights the relationship between the movement of the radioactive cloud from Fukushima and the number of tweets posted under the affected areas and the countries in its path.

DuckDuckGo partners with Wolfram Alpha

April 19, 2011 |  by  |  News, Sites  |  No Comments

We are in the era where Google is not only a synonym to the verb "search" but is very near to replace it. Between all this MIT graduate Gabriel Weinberg has been sitting in his basement in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the past 3 years, building a search engine called DuckDuckGo. The site uses online crowd-sourcing to augment traditional search engine results, hoping to “clean up the clutter” and improve relevancy. DuckDuckGo is solely founded and funded by Weinberg. Weinberg has been using WolframAlpha‘s API (Wolfram|Alpha is an engine for computing answers and getting knowledge.), but today officially marks their partnership, a

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CreateSmartGoals – Manage your employee goals

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CreateSmartGoals is web app which offers a simple and cost-effective web-based tool that enables you to quickly and efficiently manage employee goals of all types. For success of any organization the key is setting clearly defined set of goals and right expectations. Hence CreateSmartGoals no software to install, no training manuals just sign up and you are ready to go. Concerned about data CreateSmartGoals business relies just as much on protecting your data as yours does. They take all reasonable precautions to keep your information safe and secure. Goals can be created in three levels – personal, departmental and organizational. While

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