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Kiip offers real rewards for virtual success on winning mobile games

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Founded by Brian Wong, Courtney Guertin, and Amadeus Demarzi backed by True Ventures based at San Francisco, California Kiip (pronounced “keep”) a stealth startup unveiling an entirely new model for mobile in-game advertising one that offers Real Rewards for Virtual Success. Kiip thought beyond the heritage banner ads and text ads and figured out that when players experience in-game achievements like upping a level, completing a challenge or accumulating a certain number of points,climbing to the top of the score chart are the most valuable in terms of providing the most user engagement. Kiip has partnered up with brands like Sephora,

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How books were made?

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Back before inkjets, printing was a time-comsuming laborious process, that took teams of people working together to produce just one book. Now days, any crabby person can sit at home and crank out stuff on a blog or even make internet video. This movie will make you happy as you watch others toil for 'The Man' under primitive conditions.

Brochure from Microsoft – Risk of mobile phone for kids

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This brochure from Microsoft discusses how to work with kids to set clear limits for mobile device use, and responsible use as well as how to get help from technology and what to do if there are problems. For many children and teens, a world without mobile phones is unimaginable. Recent research makes it easy to see why. In the U.S., the Kaiser Foundation reported ownership broken down by age. File Teach Kids Mobile Safety_brochure_LoRes.pdf - 266KB Teach Kids Mobile Safety_brochure_LoRes.xps - 314KB Download link.

Microsoft Word Web App versus Google Docs

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We have already covered the story that Kurt DelBane, president of Microsoft’s office division, at a press event in San Francisco,introduced Microsoft Office 365 – a service that combines Microsoft Office, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Lync Online with the cloud. It is subscription service, that integrates cloud-based syncing, collaboration and accessibility to businesses and organizations worldwide. The inclusion of Lync also means that Office 365 has videoconferencing capabilities. The public beta has also been launched Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft has also put up a demo, where it compares its Word Wep App against Google Docs. Microsoft saved the same Word

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PixelPipe post photos, videos anything to plethora of websites

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Pixelpipe, a San Francisco-based startup that offers a ‘content distribution gateway’ which is basically allowing folks to upload text, photos, videos. audio files and everything to a variety of social networking (actually 100+ social networks) and media sharing sites at once. You can leverage number of mobile & desktop applications. Pixelpipe offers a slew of tools, including mobile applications for iPhone, Android, Palm Pre and more, to help users distribute media to over 100 social networks, blogging platforms or media sharing services, from within a single environment. Liberate your media with Pixelpipe and get your content out to your favorite

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MyEdu keep track of school a virtual college advisor

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Formerly known as Pick-A-Prof, then transitioned into MyEdu, founded in 2008 by Michael Crosno, Chris Chilek and John Cunningham. MyEdu promises to be an effective solutions available to the 16 to 25-year old market that addresses the root of the problem: college preparedness, graduation success and job placement. MyEdu’s mission is to provide the free services that will increase student success rates in college, reduce their time to graduate and ensure they secure a job. MyEdu provides detailed information on 777 colleges, 100k degree plans, 1m course records, 2m professor metrics / ratings, AP credits, community college equivalencies. MyEdu is

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Effects of cloud computing – Greenpeace report

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Environmental activist organization Greenpeace have assigns grades to 10 prominent technology companies based on how they power data centers. Based on this report Greenpeace emphasized the environmental effects of cloud computing. The companies like Google, Facebook and Apple have used coal to meet 50% to 80% of their energy needs instead of renewable energy resources.

Is Internet Killing the Planet – Infographic

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In honor of Earth Day, marketing blog WordStream have done a little digging to find out just how bad (or good) the Internet is for the planet. Thanks WordStream

How different users of Macs and PCs – Infographic

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Here is an infographic Mac vs. PC by Hunch analyzing how self-described Mac and PC people are different. Bases on the data from about 700,000 of its website visitors depicts how different users of Macs and PCs are. Thanks Hunch

Renault connects Facebook to the AutoRAI with RFID

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Sharing your offline experience directly with your online friends. Renault made it possible. By bringing the world of Facebook into the real world of the AutoRAI 2011. For the Amsterdam Motorshow Renault created an innovative and real-time social sharing experience. At the largest automotive event of The Netherlands, 250.000 visitors could like Renault cars through a RFID Facebook card. Renault placed specially made Facebook pillars in front of the Renault cars. By holding their pass in front of these pillars, a connection was made to their profile and the car was being "shared" on their wall. This way their

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